Saying Goodbye English Conversation

Saying Goodbye English Conversation

Dialogue 1

I’d like to say goodbye to everyone.Woman Icon 1

When are you off?Man icon 2

I’m flying home on Sunday afternoon.Woman Icon 1

Well, goodbye. See you soon.Man icon 2

Please don’t forget to say goodbye to the rest of the family for me.Woman Icon 1

Thanks. And say hello to your family.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

I just dropped in to say goodbye.Woman Icon 1

What time are you leaving?Man icon 2

I’m going to try to leave by 10:00.Woman Icon 1

Take care and give my best wishes to your parents.Man icon 2

I will. Hope to see you again next year.Woman Icon 1

Don’t forget to call us if you’re in London.Man icon 2

I will. Goodbye.Woman Icon 1

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