Service at The Table English Conversation

Service at The Table English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Jack, is there any coffee in the coffee pot?Man icon 1

I’m afraid not. Wait, please. Yes, there are some, but there’s no cream. You’ll have to content yourself with black coffee.Man icon 2

We might as well call the waiter bring some here. Hey, waiter, could you please come over here?Man icon 1

Sure, what can I do for you?Woman Icon 2

Give us a little more cream, please.Man icon 1

All right. Anything to drink, sir?Woman Icon 2

I’d like something cool. I’m going to need some ice water.Man icon 1

I’ll bring you at once.Woman Icon 2

More napkins, please!Man icon 1

Fine.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Excuse me, sir. Would you have some more soup?Woman Icon 2

No, there’s too much salt in this dish. Could I have a glass of water.Man icon 1

Er, I’m sorry, sir.Woman Icon 2

It’s a little bit salty, but I like it.Man icon 1

I’m glad you enjoyed it. If you want further help, let me know.Woman Icon 2

Please bring me a spoon. The child is still awkward with the fork.Man icon 1

All right. Please sit the baby in the chair.Woman Icon 2

Oh. Thank you very much.Man icon 1

Are you ready for your dessert now?Woman Icon 2

Yes, please serve us as quickly as you can.Man icon 1

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