Serving the dishes

Serving the dishes

Dialogue 1

Coming. This dish is yours, sir. Where shall I put it?Woman Icon 2

Put it here.Man icon 1

The cold dishes are all here. When shall we bring the hot dishes on?Woman Icon 2

Dished dub them now, please. Would you go and get me a glass of water?Man icon 1

Sure. Do you need anything else?Woman Icon 2

Please give me more rice.Man icon 1

Spring roll is our specialty today. Please have a try.Woman Icon 2

Well, two please. Thank you!.Man icon 1

I’m always at your service. If you would like any additional dishes, please call me.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Excuse me, your green bean, sir.Woman Icon 2

Please put it on the table.Man icon 1

And your egg drop soup and shrimp fried rice.Woman Icon 2

Eh, wait, egg drop soup is not on the menu.Man icon 1

Just wait a second please. Let me have a look at your order.Woman Icon 2

The egg drop soup has been taken off the menu just now.Man icon 1

Oh, yes, I’m sorry. We’ll cross it off the bill.Woman Icon 2

I’d like a glass of orange juice please.Man icon 1

With or without ice, sir?Woman Icon 2

Ice, please.Man icon 1

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