Settling down in a new place English Conversation

Settling down in a new place

Dialogue 1

What day is it today?Man icon 1

It’s Thursday. I’d like to have a celebration of the occupancy of a new home.Woman Icon 2

That sounds all right. We’re all steamed up to move to our new house.Man icon 1

What about Johnny? Has he moved to his new house yet?Woman Icon 2

Yes, they established themselves in their new house.Man icon 1

Excellent! We’re going to celebrate it together.Woman Icon 2

How do you want to celebrate it?Man icon 1

Maybe we could celebrate by getting loaded on champagne.Woman Icon 2

Okay with me.Man icon 1

It’s a deal. I’ll take care of his family.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

I’m glad you could come. Come in and have a look at our new house.Man icon 1

Congratulations on your move.Woman Icon 2

What is the layout of this house like?Man icon 1

Your new house is certainly out of the ordinary.Woman Icon 2

This is a new house with a huge garden out back, in a very quiet area of London.Man icon 1

That’s terrific! I am jealous of you. My boy friends can’t afford a new house, and no more can I.Woman Icon 2

You will have your own in the future. Do come to our house whenever it’s convenient for you. The garden will help to take you out of yourself.Man icon 1

I hope your new dwelling will bring you and yours lots of fortune and good health.Woman Icon 2

Thanks.Man icon 1

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