Short Conversation about Pets

Short Conversation about Pets

Dialogue 1

Son, what do you want for your birthday gift?Woman Icon 2

I’d like to keep a pet.Man icon 1

What pet would you like to keep? Guinea pig, parrot, rabbit, tortoise, dog or…Woman Icon 2

Can I have a Siberian husky?Man icon 1

Okay. The husky is unequalled for stamina and endurance.Woman Icon 2

I want to buy a little puppy.Man icon 1

I promise you! You’ll like it when you see.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Which of you is going to walk the dog?Woman Icon 2

It’s Mary’s turn to take the dog for a walk.Man icon 1

Okay, Mary, Please. Oh, by the way, when was the last time you cleaned out the dog kennel? It smells to high heaven.Woman Icon 2

The exact date has escaped me. Half month ago, maybe.Man icon 1

It needs to be well swept out.Woman Icon 2

Hand it over to me.Man icon 1

And the dog needs a bath. Carl, run the bath for the dog while Mary walks it.Woman Icon 2

Okay, I’ll get ready to go and shampoo him later.Man icon 1

Shampooing them too often is not a good idea as shampoo tends to strip the natural oils out of their coats.Woman Icon 2

Then just bath the dog with clean water.Man icon 1

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