Speak English At The Car Rental Shop

Dialogue 1

How much is it to rent an economy car?Man icon 1

$19 a day or $129 a week.Woman Icon 2

Is the mileage limited?Man icon 1

No, unlimited mileage.Woman Icon 2

Could I have one for tomorrow morning?Man icon 1

Do you have your driver’s license?Woman Icon 2

Sure. Here it is.Man icon 1

Good. Now just complete this form.Woman Icon 2

Okay. Thank you.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

What’s the rate for a station wagon?Man icon 1

The daily rate is $32 plus 39 cents per mile.Woman Icon 2

Good. I’ll take it right now, if possible.Man icon 1

Can I see your license, please?Woman Icon 2

Of course. I have my own license and an international license.Man icon 1

That’s fine. Fill out this form and let me see your credit card, please.Woman Icon 2

Oh, sorry. I forgot to take my credit card.Man icon 1

That’s okay. You can pay in cash.Woman Icon 2

That would be better.Man icon 1

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