21 Synonyms For Although in English

Synonyms for Although

21 Ways To Say Although, the list of synonyms for although:

Admitting that

Example: You don’t scare yourself out of admitting that you can dream.


Example: They tried, albeit without success.


Example: He decided to go, altho she begged him not to.

Be it that

Example: The threat of Russia, be it that the economic problems and so on


Example: She still enjoyed the weekend despite the weather.

Despite the fact that

Example: Despite the fact that studying hard, She failed the exam.

Even supposing

Example: But even supposing I did, what about responsibility?

Even if

Example: Even if they take a taxi, They’ll still miss their train.

Even though

Example: I started to study, even though I wasn’t in college.

For all that

Example: For all that his qualifications, he’s still useless at the job.

Granting all this

Example: She’s coming next week, granting all this I don’t know which day.

Granting that

Example: He is very poor, grafting that he’s very good-hearted.

However that may be

Example: They won the war however that may be, it cost them millions of lives.

In spite of the fact that

Example: They were in bed In spite of the fact that it was after ten.

In spite of

Example: Trains are still running, in spite of the snow.


Example: He hasn’t called, though he said he would.

Notwithstanding that

Example: Notwithstanding that he isn’t a great player, he always scores.

Suppose that

Example: I suppose that she’s going to be late again.


Example: You may not approve of what she did, but she’s still your sister.


Example: He must be about 50, whereas his wife looks about 20.


Example: She walked home by herself, while she knew that it was dangerous.

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