25 Parts of a House English Vocabulary

Parts of a House

Parts of a House List House Room Balcony Bathroom Bedroom Dining room Living room Kitchen Garage Roof Chimney Garden Pool Toilet Window Staircase Door Floor Wall Ceiling Lawn Path Fence Doorbell Doormat Parts of a House  House /haʊs/ Meaning: a building that people, usually one family, live in Sentence: They live in a little house. … Read more

12 Months of the Year List

Months of the Year List

Months of the Year List January February March April May June July August September October November December Months of the Year List song  January /ˈdʒæn.ju.ə.ri/ Meaning: the first month of the year, after December, and before February. Sentence: His mother died in January.  February /ˈfeb.ru.ər.i/ Meaning: the second month of the year, after January and … Read more

Adjectives That Start with F

Adjectives That Start With F

44 Adjectives That Start With F Furtive Friable Foolproof Foolhardy Frigid Fortunate Forthright Friendly Frank Forgiving Festive Felicitous Fruitful Fateful Fun Flowery Fecund Folksy Fancy Futuristic Fractious Forlorn Forgetful Fretful Frail Frivolous Frightening Fruitless Freakish Futile Freezing Frozen Frosty Fusty Frowzy Fierce Fearless Forceful Ferocious Formidable Fleet Frenetic Flexible Fast Interesting Adjectives Furtive /ˈfɜː.tɪv/ Definition: … Read more

Name of Games Vocabulary in English

Name of Games Vocabulary in English

The Name of Sports List Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball Billiards Bowling Boxing Car racing Climbing Cricket Curling Cycling Fencing Figure skating Fishing Fitness Football Golf Gymnastics Hang-gliding Hockey Horse racing Judo Karate Rugby Running Shooting Skateboarding Surfing Table tennis Tennis Volleyball Weightlifting Wrestling Yoga Names of Sports and Games Shooting with a bow and arrows, … Read more

List of Rhyming Words

List of rhyming words

List of Rhyming Words Ad /æd/ Ex. Who created the concept for the ad campaign?  Add /æd/ Ex. If you add three and four you get seven.  All  /ɑːl/ Ex. All the eggs got broken.  Ball  /bɑːl/ Ex. The kids were outside playing ball.  Call  /kɑːl/ Ex. Do you think we should call the police? … Read more

Names of the Shapes in English

Names of the Shapes List

Names of the Shapes a sign consisting of a straight line with an upside-down V shape at one end of it that points in a particular direction Arrow /ˈær.əʊ/ UK /ˈer.oʊ/ US Ex. There was an arrow pointing to the door. a continuous curved line, the points of which are always the same distance away from a fixed … Read more