Taking a Taxi Conversation

Dialogue 1

Taxi!Woman Icon 2

Get on, please. Where do you want to go?Man icon 1

Please hurry. I’m late I need to be at the railway station in 20 minutes.Woman Icon 2

Alright, Miss. Take it easy.Man icon 1

How does actually do you figure out the fare?Woman Icon 2

According to the kilometer rate, the first three kilometers are $10 and every kilometer extra cost you $2.Man icon 1

Oh, I see.Woman Icon 2

Here we are, Miss.Man icon 1

Thank you. How much do I owe you?Woman Icon 2

You owe me $28.Man icon 1

That’s $30. Keep the change.Woman Icon 2

Thank you.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Hello.Woman Icon 2

Hello. Is this taxi Service Center?Man icon 1

Yes, Sir. What can I do for you?Woman Icon 2

I’m going to the airport tomorrow. I want to book a taxi.Man icon 1

Okay. Can you tell me when you need it?Woman Icon 2

My flight is at 10 o’clock in the morning. So I think the taxi should pick me up at 7:30.Man icon 1

7:30 a.m. No problem. Where can the driver find you tomorrow morning?Woman Icon 2

Number 345 York Street. By the way, do I need to pay any extra for my suitcases?Man icon 1

Yes, you are charged $1 a piece.Woman Icon 2

I see. Thank you.Man icon 1

Calling for the Lost

Dialogue 1

Emergency Assistance, may I help you?Man icon 1

I’ve just been robbed. Can you help me?Woman Icon 2

Yes. Are you injured, Miss?Man icon 1

 No, I’m just scared.Woman Icon 2

Stay calm, Miss. Could you tell me your name and where you are?Man icon 1

My name is Emily Davis. I’m calling from Motel 23 on Pine Street.Woman Icon 2

Please stay there. Our offices will meet you in less than three minutes.Man icon 1

Thank you very much.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

What can I do for you, sir?Woman Icon 2

I lost my backpack.Man icon 1

Do you know when you lost it?Woman Icon 2

About 20 minutes ago I think.Man icon 1

Can you still remember where you saw it last time?Woman Icon 2

I put it down on that chair, and after I came back from the toilet, it’s gone.Man icon 1

Okay. Don’t worry, sir. We will take care of it. Now, could you let me know your name?Woman Icon 2

 Then Scott.Man icon 1

Your cell number, sir?Woman Icon 2

708 – 6356.Man icon 1

Okay. We will let you know when we find it.Woman Icon 2

Thanks a lot.Man icon 1

Identifying lost items

Dialogue 1

Can I help you?Woman Icon 2

Yes. I got a call told me that you’ve found my suitcase.Man icon 1

Hold on, sir. What’s your name?Woman Icon 2

Mike Jones.Man icon 1

Okay. Please follow me. Could you tell me what’s in your suitcase?Woman Icon 2

Some clothes. And some important files in it as well. Oh, and my passport.Man icon 1

 Okay. Mike Jones?Woman Icon 2

Yes, it’s me.Man icon 1

Alright, sir. You can fill out the from and get your suitcase back now.Woman Icon 2

Thank you very much.Man icon 1

You are welcome.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Did you see my purse?Woman Icon 2

Excuse me. You lost your purse?Man icon 1

Yes, it’s brown.Woman Icon 2

Is this your purse, Miss.Man icon 1

No, it’s not.Woman Icon 2

Don’t worry. Can you describe your purse? I’ll try to help you.Man icon 1

It’s a leather purse in brown. And there is a logo in the center of the surface.Woman Icon 2

Okay. I got it. I’ll let you know when we find it.Man icon 1

Thank you very much.Woman Icon 2

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