Taking a Taxi English Conversation

Taking a Taxi English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Hey, taxi!Woman Icon 1

Good afternoon, madam. Get in, please.Man icon 2

To the First Elementary School, please.Woman Icon 1

OK.Man icon 2

Bad luck! The bus is still not coming. The traffic here is really terrible.Woman Icon 1

Do you want to pick up your kid from school?Man icon 2

Yes, I am in a hurry.Woman Icon 1

No problem. I’m going to take a shortcutMan icon 2

Dialogue 2

Drive me to Kennedy Airport, please.Woman Icon 1

I’m sorry. My car’s taken.Man icon 2

Where is the next taxi stand?Woman Icon 1

Not far away. It’s over there.Man icon 2

Then take me there, please.Woman Icon 1

But I’m just waiting for someone. You’d better walk there. Sorry for that.Man icon 2

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