Taking the subway English Conversation

Taking the Subway English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Can I have two tickets?Man icon 1

To which station?Woman Icon 2

Oh, we are going to the Art Gallery. Which subway should we take?Man icon 1

Take the Line 5 and transfer to Line 1 at the Central Bank.Woman Icon 2

Okay, how many stops in total?Man icon 1

Ten stops. This is the subway map, you can keep it in case of getting lost.Woman Icon 2

Thank you. How much are the tickets?Man icon 1

Two dollars each.Woman Icon 2

Here you are.Man icon 1

Here are your tokens. Have a good day.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Excuse me. Can you tell me how I can get a subway ticket?Man icon 1

Go to the auto machine over there.Woman Icon 2

I’m a newcomer here. Can you show me how to use it?Man icon 1

Sure. You need to $1 coins. Put them in the slot and click “one ticket” button on the screen. It’s very easy.Woman Icon 2

Okay. But I don’t have any coins. Where can I get some?Man icon 1

You can change them at the Service Center.Woman Icon 2

Can they take a $20 bill?Man icon 1

I think so. But you need to ask them.Woman Icon 2

Okay. I think I can handle it. Thank you very much.Man icon 1

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