Talk to Someone on the Telephone in English

Talk to Someone on the Telephone in English

Dialogue 1

Hello, 332440.Woman Icon 1

Oh hello, Sally. This is Will here. Could I speak to Jim, please?Man icon 2

I’m afraid he’s not in at the moment. He went out about an hour ago and he’s not back yet.Woman Icon 1

Any idea when he might be back?Man icon 2

Well, he shouldn’t be long. He said he was just going to get some paint. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s stopped off at the pub on the way back.Woman Icon 1

Well, I’ll try again later.Man icon 2

All right. Goodbye.Woman Icon 1

Goodbye.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

Hello?Woman Icon 1

Hello. Is this 4474716? I’d like to speak to Mr. Wang, please?Man icon 2

I’m sorry. Mr. Wang is out right now.Woman Icon 1

May I know when he’ll be back?Man icon 2

I don’t know, but he will certainly be back for lunch. Can I take a message for him?Woman Icon 1

Thank you. Please tell him to be at the airport one hour earlier before the departure time tomorrow afternoon.Man icon 2

Very good. I’ll let him know as soon as he comes back. But, may I have your name, please?Woman Icon 1

This is Lin Ming. Thank you. Bye.Man icon 2

Goodbye.Woman Icon 1

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