Telephone Conversation in English Exercises

Telephone Conversation in English Exercises

Dialogue 1

Hello. Can I speak to Mary, please?Woman Icon 1

Hold on, please.Man icon 2

Thank you.Woman Icon 1

Hello, this is Mary. Who’s that?Woman Icon 2

Hi Mary, this is Lily. I’m calling to ask you if you’d like to see the movie tonight.Woman Icon 1

I’d be glad to.Woman Icon 2

Well, I’m going to meet you outside the cinema at 8:00 P.M.Woman Icon 1

It’s a deal!Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Hello! Good morning, John.Woman Icon 1

Hello! Who is that speaking?Man icon 2

It’s Jane. I’m so sorry that I made such an early phone call.Woman Icon 1

It’s nothing. What’s wrong?Man icon 2

Did you get my note?Woman Icon 1

Yes, I just got it. I’ll think it over and call you back.Man icon 2

Fine. See you later.Woman Icon 1

Goodbye.Man icon 2

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