Top 200 Common English Phrases For Beginners

When you are just starting out in English, it can be helpful to know some common phrases. This way, you can understand what people are saying and start to form your own sentences. Here are some of the most common English phrases.

Top 200 Common English Phrases For Beginners

1. What are you doing?

2. Where is the cashier?

3. Very good.

4. Hello.

5. See you again.

6. It’s a little spicy.

7. With pleasure.

8. I’m here on business.

9. It’s too large.

10. Two fried chicken, please.

11. I’m here for sightseeing.

12. It’s too expensive.

13. I’m fine.

14. Same as usual.

15. There is no running hot water.

16. I’ve been watching Youtube lately.

17. I don’t have a boyfriend now.

18. Can I try it on?

19. I was surprised.

20. What’s going on?

21. Where is the restroom?

22. By the way.

23. Do you like it?

24. I’m not interested.

25. I disagree.

26. Where is the cosmetics section?

27. My wallet was stolen.

28. That’s great!

29. Thank you.

30. It really hurts here.

31. Are you free?

32. Today is Thursday.

33. Are you hungry?

34. Yes.

35. The toilet is clogged.

36. I don’t think so.

37. I have a fever.

38. How many people are there in your family?

39. I’m lonely.

40. You’re welcome.

41. May I ask you something?

42. Which do you like better?

43. I lost my passport.

44. Good evening.

45. It’s not your fault.

46. It’s warm today, isn’t it?

47. May I take your order?

48. Can you exchange it?

49. I’ll take this.

50. My favorite food is hamburger.

51. Are there any seats available?

52. Help!

53. Where can I find an ATM?

54. Not so good.

55. Really?

56. Do you understand?

57. Why?

58. It makes me angry.

59. Are you busy at the moment?

60. Do you speak English?

61. I can’t get online.

62. I’m very busy.

63. That hairstyle is nice!

64. Hello, may I speak to Mr.Brown?

65. Long time no see.

66. I’m hungry.

67. How are you doing?

68. Can I have a look?

69. Good for you.

70. Could you speak a little louder?

71. Cheers!

72. What is your favorite food?

73. Is there a pay phone around here?

74. Please turn right at the next traffic light.

75. Is there anyone who can speak English?

76. I’d like to send a parcel.

77. I have to go now.

78. I envy you.

79. What does this mean?

80. It’s sweet and delicious.

81. Congratulations.

82. No way!

83. Please clean my room.

84. I’m worried.

85. I’m full.

86. Can I borrow an umbrella?

87. Are you busy at work?

88. To go, please.

89. This is broken.

90. I don’t understand.

91. I’m sorry I’m late.

92. Good morning.

93. It’s okay. Never mind.

94. Could you say that again?

95. I’m a little nervous.

96. You are so kind!

97. Okay?

98. I know.

99. I have one older sister and one younger brother.

100. What should I do?

101. Where do you live?

102. Of course.

103. What kind of movies do you like?

104. I don’t know.

105. That’s right.

106. I have a headache.

107. I can’t hear you clearly.

108. Do you have a boyfriend?

109. I can’t hear you.

110. How much is this?

111. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

112. Goodbye.

113. I’m sleepy.

114. I need to go to the bathroom.

115. Let’s go together.

116. Do you accept credit cards?

117. I’m from London.

118. Let me go!

119. I understand how you feel.

120. What day is it today?

121. For here, please.

122. Check, please.

123. I’d like a glass of red wine.

124. I understand.

125. Are you looking for something?

126. What kind of work do you do?

127. I agree.

128. Thank you for waiting.

129. I’m just looking.

130. Could you speak a little bit slower?

131. I’m an office worker.

132. Can I have a receipt?

133. No.

134. What are you doing now?

135. Please go to this place.

136. Would you like something to drink?

137. The power went out.

138. My name is Mary Smith.

139. How do you read that character?

140. I think so, too.

141. Let’s split the bill.

142. Nice day, isn’t it?

143. Good night.

144. Excuse me, I’d like to order.

145. It’s starting to rain.

146. Could you write it down here?

147. It’s cool today, isn’t it?

148. Excuse me, I have a reservation.

149. I’m thirsty.

150. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

151. It’s a little tight.

152. What are your hobbies?

153. I’d like to return this.

154. Can you give me a better price?

155. I want to call the embassy.

156. That’s right.

157. What do you think?

158. Stop here, please.

159. No problem.

160. It’s a little cold outside.

161. What is this?

162. Who are you?

163. It’s very hot outside.

164. (With a map showing) I want to go here.

165. Do you know it?

166. I’m tired.

167. Where are you from?

168. It’s delicious.

169. We are a family of four.

170. Please have a seat here.

171. I’d like to check out.

172. Thank you for your help.

173. That’s too bad.

174. I’m glad to hear from you.

175. Nice to meet you.

176. I am 32 years old.

177. What time is it now?

178. I like watching movies.

179. I love shopping.

180. What did you say?

181. What is the purpose of your visit?

182. I’ll do my best.

183. No, thank you.

184. You’re smart!

185. How old are you?

186. Have you ever been to Canada before?

187. Can you help me?

188. For here?

189. Sorry, I’m tied up.

190. For example.

191. Where are you going?

192. It tastes bland.

193. Let me see.

194. I’m sorry.

195. I work at a department store.

196. I feel sick.

197. I am thirsty.

198. This is not what I ordered.

199. I’d like to exchange money.

200. It tastes strong.

These phrases are great for beginners because they are very simple and easy to understand. You can use them when meeting new people or talking to friends.

Additionally, learning these phrases will help improve your pronunciation and fluency. So, start using them today and see how much easier your conversations become!

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