Traffic Accident Conversation in English

Traffic Accident Conversation in English

Dialogue 1

Hey, you are driving too fast. Look at the traffic sign. It says the speed limit is 40 km/h.Woman Icon 2

Don’t be so serious, there not many people and cars in the street. We will be fine.Man icon 1

Hey, look out! Stop the car.Woman Icon 2

Oh, I can’t stop it! No!Man icon 1

We just hit the man! What shall we do?Woman Icon 2

Let me check out how the man is. Oh, thank god! He is alive.Man icon 1

He is injured. Let’s take him to the nearest hospital.Woman Icon 2

It is my entire fault. I shouldn’t have driven so fast.Man icon 1

What is done cannot be undone. Let’s go to the hospital first.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Hello. Is this Tried-and-True Rent -a-Car?Man icon 1

Yes, it is. What can I do for you?Woman Icon 2

This is Matt. I rented a car yesterday and I’m afraid I have a car accident near the Central Park.Man icon 1

Sorry to hear that. Are you all right?Woman Icon 2

I’m alright, but my wife is seriously injured. Will you call an ambulance and the police?Man icon 1

Okay, I’ll do it right away, but can you tell me how it happened?Woman Icon 2

I ran into the guardrail when I turned to the right.Man icon 1

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