TV Topics to Discuss

TV Topics to Discuss

Dialogue 1

What would you like to do this evening?Man icon 1

I haven’t thought it through. It’s okay with TV.Woman Icon 2

Let’s check the TV schedule to see what’s on tonight.Man icon 1

 What are the attractions?Woman Icon 2

Nothing at all. Here are all the news.Man icon 1

What’s on following the news?Woman Icon 2

A pop show on Channel Seven, and there is a science fiction on Channel Five.Man icon 1

I don’t want to watch the news.Woman Icon 2

Let me change the entertainment channel, would you?Man icon 1

Sure, I do not watch game shows for a long time.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

What channel did you watch last night after I went to bed?Woman Icon 2

Channel one. I watched an English language program.Man icon 1

Pity! There was a football match on channel 2.Woman Icon 2

Really? That’s a shame! You ought to remind me of that.Man icon 1

This program is a read broadcast this morning. You may watch it then.Woman Icon 2

Well, I think I will have to.Man icon 1

What come on next? I want to see the horse racing.Woman Icon 2

Me too. Let’s watch it together.Man icon 1

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