Visiting a patient English Conversation

Visiting a patient English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Betty, how are you today?Man icon 1

I feel better. Thanks for coming.Woman Icon 2

You look good. What did the doctor say?Man icon 1

He said it was a minor operation, so I think I don’t need to be worried.Woman Icon 2

Yes, you will be fine soon. Did he say when you can go home?Man icon 1

No, I should ask him later.Woman Icon 2

Not in hurry, you should take some good rest.Man icon 1

I think so.Woman Icon 2

Is there anything I can do for you?Man icon 1

 Yes, can you ring the nurse? It’s time for another injection.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Hey, how are you feeling today?Woman Icon 2

I’m fine, thanks.Woman Icon 1

I brought you some flowers.Woman Icon 2

Thank you.Woman Icon 1

Did you talk to your doctor? What did she say?Woman Icon 2

She said it was not very serious. I can leave hospital next week.Woman Icon 1

That’s good. Is there anything I can do?Woman Icon 2

I want to go to the toilet.Woman Icon 1

Let me go with you.Woman Icon 2

No thanks. I can take care of myself.Woman Icon 1

Okay. Be careful.Woman Icon 2

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